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Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing also known as fracking is a method of extracting gas and oil by drilling deep the crust of the earth. Using this technique is quite beneficial for a variety of reasons. Some of the benefits of using this method are briefly highlighted below.

The extraction of oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing yields more oil and gas and this is quite beneficial. The technique also easily helps to extract resources from other elements such as stones and fossils as well and could help with the extraction of natural deposits in future. with the method, it becomes easy to seek oil from other alternative sources which is quite benefial in the long run.

More oil and gas means that there will also be a reduction of taxes on items that depend on the resources. With taxes reduced, it becomes easy to get petrol products cheaply. Petrol products will also be easily available and cheap to find with the reduction of prices.

Better quality air is released to the environment with this method of extraction of gas and oil. Traditional methods of mining oil and gas have utilized chemicals that have made the environment polluted especially with fossil fuel. Since gas is cleaner than fuel, the air will be improved with the use of the fracking technique.

the use of hydraulic fracturing is beneficial since it helps countries to look for domestic sources of gas and oil. The demand for gas is increasingly growing and it is important that countries look for alternative sources of oil. Dependence on foreign countries for this commodity will not be sustainable in the long run and there will be need to look for alternative sources.

another benefit of hydraulic fracturing is that it creates local employment. Increase in employment opportunities is ideal for that particular country as well as for its economy. The continuous use of the method will help to expand the industry and will be beneficial for countries in the long run.

Less amounts of water is used with hydraulic fracturing compared to other forms of extraction. The technique easily helps to conserve water and it is effective and important to use it effectively. With the extraction going beyond the water table, it is an ideal technique for the extraction of gas and oil.

The fact that fracking is a temporary process is advantageous since it does not leave permanent marks from the drilling. With the process, there is less interference with land since the process is targeted and scouted and less destructive to an area. permanent marks can easily be left with other forms of extraction since they are more explorative but with fracking, it is targeted and this helps it to be cost effective.

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